Tuesday, January 31, 2006

A rendezvous with FAS

I had my first taste of the 12th standard board exams when I wrote the Physics practical examination on Monday. It was awesome; I got an easy experiment(Tangent galvanometer) and my result was only 0.4 Tesla away from the actual result. It wasn't easy all the way because my TG began to behave pretty weirdly as soon as I started doing my experiment. It gave me a diffference of 25 degrees between my two Θ(theta) values when it was actually supposed to be a difference of 1 degree. So you would probably understand the mental trauma that I went through having a malfunctioning instrument sitting before me and an unamused external examiner standing behind me. Luckily I a plan-B. I started fiddling with the connections and as soon as the examiner moved to the next hapless soul, I did what any sane twelfth standard student whose TG did not work would do. I wrote down the readings that I had memorised the previous day.Luckily the examiner forgot all about me and I didn't have to show to her how I got my almost perfect readings.

Today I had Chemistry practicals and it was equally awesome. I got a pale green salt and since I had mugged up the different combinations of salts that I could get, I figured out the salt exactly 33 and a half seconds after I saw it. My titration was ok. The dumb pipette tube offered almost no resistance to the FAS solution that I was trying to urunjify and so I had to taste that wonderfully yucky liquid for the fifth time this year. I also spilt the potassium permanganate solution on the floor because I forgot to close the burette. But apart form those slight mishaps, I did well.

Next up is Computer Science practicals and I am hoping that the examiner asks me some easy viva questions. If he doesn't, then I will have to resort to plan-B which is begging but I'm not a great fan of that, so fingers crossed.

P.S: Hope I get this program for the exam,

class twelve
for( ; ; )
System.out.println("Neon Rulz!");



««ºP®åđđŷº»» said...

sorry...but i hav no idea about 12th std physics

>|' ; '| said...

my 12th std practicals were lovely when compared to my engg labs where one has to coax 50 year old machines to work...all the best man. just be confident n pack ur wits with u!

legend said...

i dont like the program u gave how abt
class manu
{pblic static void main(String args[])
{System.out.println("manu suck ole ole");

Neon said...

Well, neither do I and my boards are in a month, lol


hmm, ur program needs some debugging. How about changing manu to chelsea...program ought to work then.

Antarius said...

manU or chealsea is fine
U forgt Real Madrid tho

hamsini said...

The batch before us(your sister's batch) had the comp science external asking them things like "What's your girlfriend's name?" and "Are you gay?"..Last year our examiner asked us questions outside SriVidya M'am's 400 viva questions she prescribed!:)

The best part about our comp pracs last year was some five computers got conked off for some reason, and I happened to be working on one of them!! The external asked srividya m'am to take us to the first floor lab!!!You can imagine! We had so much fun with her there!!! :D

Anonymous said...


Neon said...


Our external this time was pretty horrible...he didn't know the answers to his own questions and the questions he asked were definitely outside the collection of viva questions given to us.I did StarOffice and he asked me questions from VB. It was pretty hilarious tho, my classmate answered two out of 17 questions, and thoses two right answers were declared wrong by the examiner.

Harish said...

Sendru va magane, vendru va.. All the best!!

Neon said...

Heh, all of us got 50/50. The limejuice we gave to the external must have been really good!

hamsini said...

AAAaaaaaaah..school lime juice! tempt panade!!

§€HÍZØþH®ÑÎÂ1.618 said...

hmmm....we never had viva for our 12th pracs.....for us viva started only from the 1st yr engg!!

Vishal said...

luky dawg sciz.. hehe.. fas again?? lol.. man do u SUCK or wat? :P..

Neon said...

Apparently I do, lol!