Sunday, January 08, 2006


I was reading, "The Meaning of Liff", written by Douglas Adams and John Lloyd the other day and the book inspired me to create my own book consisting of so-far-unkown words with their so-far-unknown meanings. It will be an incredibly weird collection and I hope to publish my dictionary temporarily titled, "Dictionary", by the time I am 33 years old (cos that's how long it will take to fill up five hundred pages with so-far-unknown words). I know that it will be impossible for me to complete the "Dictionary" by myself, so if any of you have any new words that have not been heard before, then drop them (with their meanings) in the comments box. Following this line is a preview of the book you can expect to see in the New York Times bestsellers list in another 16 years:

Aaadefu: The noise that one makes when he/she is punched in the stomach by a mentally deranged alcoholic seeking salvation.

Abedfore: The feeling of satisfaction one gets when he/she is knocked over by a bus.

Barezfeet: The amazing nature of a sock to change colour when it has not been removed off a person's leg for 7200 minutes.

Booperty: The destruction caused when a hippopotamus burps right after an intake of vodka.

Caishershlaudhen: A happy-go-lucky German who likes to eat peanuts for lunch.

Cojarda: A very soft piece of cloth that is dipped in mud to make it acquire an ancient look.

Diepschit: A man who falls into the Cooum river.

Diepshyt: A woman who falls into the Cooum river.

Doparte: A fancy term for 'Sod off, dung face!'

Eeler: A very handsome penguin.

Enuengo: The anger that one feels when he/she sees the bottom of a moist soap.

Fetera: The uncontrollable desire to cling on to a person selling cotton candy.

Feury: The back-side of a jelly fish.

Goprea: A fascinating piece of information that is of no use to anyone.

Hasap: The protective covering of a mp3 player.

Jetex: Fear of pink teddy bears.

Kresnick: The human equivalent of a smelly dog.

Laef: A term used to refer to people who like to drink a lot of juice.

Mokof: A very old diaper.

Neon: A term used to refer to awesome people.

Oqswgwjy: Unpronounceable words.

Perza: A wallet which has nothing but lint in it.

Rewery: A non-alcoholic beverage which has excess of distilled water in it. When consumed too much, it can make one feel wonderfully stupid.

Tumer: A person who considers God to be a multi-dimensional amphoteric compound.

Unuk: A pill used to make people talk sense when they are surrounded by zebras having self-esteem issues.

Vanderpo: An excuse to eat an overwhelming amount of cheese.

Xavior: An incessant need to dig one’s nose.

Zadaah: An exotic sound that one makes when he/she eats pistachio soufflé.

Zookli: A state of living where one needs to look at the toilet seat for four hours in order to attain mental peace and inner satisfaction. Bad breadth is a side effect.

P.S: Two down! Only 498 pages more to go!!


Alex said...

Amusing is the word, Good luck Neon!

Neon said...

Thanks Alex!

Aashirwad said...

This word is one I invented in class seven - when I studied word etymology briefly. It got me 20 seconds in a Jam competition which I won this year. I'm sure you'll find it interesting.


A gigantic lizard-like creature, which -
1. Possesses the morbid obsession to steal markets, which are shaped as tetrahedrons.
2. Is sycophantic.
3. Hates women.
4. Has a large body.
5. Suffers from the following somatic disorders - arthritis, hepatitis and pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis.

Note that the last disease is the currently longest word in english and is a respiratory disorder suffered by coal miners.

Btw Neon ask Mad, she knows me.

Nice collection so far, man...I especially liked booperty.

Neon said...

I dont need to ask Mad..who can forget Sebastien? And that is some word you've created! Class 7- word etymology...I'm in class 12 and we still haven't done it! Lol

Antarius said...

Pneumonaultramicroscopicsilicovolcanocorniosis is the longest

floccinaucinihilipilification is second

Vishal said...

woho now thats a bunchj of the funiest words ive seen.. and now the word which i regrettedly admit to have created..

apoopaih- noun-used to refer to person with constant need to visit the restroom twice in succession..

Manasi Subramaniam said...

Hahaha. Dani and Yogi Bear beat you to it!! :-)

§€HÍZØþH®ÑÎÂ1.618 said...

nope, asseocarneosangueonviscericartilanginoervomedullary is the longest.
it means study of the human body.

others come second.
floccinaucinihilipilification is the study of long words!!

Aashirwad said...


You're wrong.

Floccinaucinihilipilification is the act or habit of esteeming or describing something as worthless, or making something to be worthless by said means.

At 29 letters, it is the longest non-technical word in the first edition of the Oxford English Dictionary, which presents it "as enumerated in a well-known rule from the Eton Latin Grammar". The OED dates its first use in literature at 1741 in William Shenstone's Works in Prose and Verse: "I loved him for nothing so much as his flocci-nauci-nihili-pili-fication of money".

Though the OED gives no specifics on its derivation, the word is said to have been invented as an erudite joke by a student of Eton College, who, upon consulting a Latin textbook, found four words connoting 'nothing' or 'worthless', combined them, and added verb endings:

floccus, -i a wisp or piece of wool, used idiomatically as flocci non facio ("I don't care"; more literally "I don't make wool")
naucum, -i a trifle
nihilum, -i nothing; something valueless
pilus, -i a hair; a bit or a whit; something small and insignificant
In fact, as given in the first edition of the OED, the word includes four sets of quotation marks and is presented thus:

"Flocci" "nauci" "nihili" "pili" fication
It is often spelled with hyphens, and has even spawned the back formations floccinaucical (inconsiderable or trifling) and floccinaucity (a thing of small importance). The OED appears to have overlooked floccinaucinihilipilificatious, which has one letter more than the nominal form, and means "small" or "insignificant."

The word is sometimes misspelled as floccinaucinihilipipification or floccipausinihilipilification.

Antarius said...

Pneumonaultramicroscopicsilicovolcanocorniosis is the longest though

Neon said...

Hmmm, I always thought that smiles was the longest word...

Neha said...

*Neon: A term used to refer to awesome people.* Good joke ;)

Antarius said...

that definition was made by a neuron..

(completely demented) ;)

Neon said...

Hey, i resent that!

Antarius said...

u never sent that the first time to have REsent that.....

Ghost Particle said...

Its the International Post a Mug week. Be a apart of history.

Head to my blog for more info.

Nimisha said...

There you go:

Words from pre-2004. But still timeless.

Your list is remarkable (although the origins of the words were lost on me). My favorites were 'jetex' and 'oqswgwjy'. Very original indeed.