Saturday, December 31, 2005

Me and music- Why would anyone put the two together!

When it comes to music, I consider myself to be a jack of all trades, but a master of none. My involvement with learning music goes a long way back. I was around seven when I was first compelled to put my vocal skills to proper use. I was always under the impression that speaking a lot about un-important stuff fitted that category. Unfortunately, the people around me thought differently. My parents decided that I should learn to sing and so I was enrolled in a music class comprising of two oily kids, one pompous twit who couldn't stop singing, and me and my 4 year old cousin. I hated sitting in that place for an hour just to make weird noises with my mouth when I could have been outside making underground tunnels in the sand. So, due to my lack of interest in singing, the most I learnt was the basic sa re ga ma.

It wasn't entirely my fault though. Going to the music class itself was a big ordeal for me. On the way to our music class, my cousin and I had to pass this house which owned a huge black dog and we were incredibly terrified by it. My cousin used to listen to whatever I told him (unfortunately, the situation's a bit different now) and I convinced him that dogs were nasty creatures that would bite you if you frowned at them. So to the amusement of everyone on the road, we would have this big smile plastered on our faces whenever we walked past that house and we would break into a run once we had lost sight of the dog.

Later, once I had quit my singing class, I tried learning the piano and mridangam. I found the piano classes to be terribly boring. I hated just sitting on a chair and punching a few keys (surprisingly that's what I'm doing now!) and so I quit that too. The only piece that I can still play on the keyboard is Vande Mataram, so that's definitely going to be there in my list of accomplishments.

Learning the mridangam was a stupid idea in the first place. I used to get tired as soon as I tapped the round parts on either side of the drum a few times and my fingers really hurt too. Plus, I didn’t like the fact that mridangams were made with the skin of cows. So that plan went out of the window too.

Thus my pathetic attempts at learning music turned out to be pretty futile and so I decided to give it up altogether. Yes, I can understand, it is a shocking decision, but people let's face it, music and I go as well together as George Bush and a pretzel.

Monday, December 26, 2005

'Dancing is the perpendicular expression of a horizontal desire.' Huh?

If there is one thing I really really want to learn and if there is one thing I am really really pathetic at, it is dancing. Yup, I wouldn't be able to dance even if you stuffed a bag of ice down my back - I would do an ugly jiggle, yea that I would do, but that's about it. I have no shame in saying that my coordination (when it comes to dancing) is similar to that of a squid on roller skates and I unfortunately came to know about this only when I was in the ninth standard. I used to believe in the Japanese proverb, ‘We're fools whether we dance or not, so we might as well dance’ and so during the disco night that we had during our school camp, I decided to join in with the rest of my classmates. Unlike me, they could actually dance. I was foolish enough to think that I could move my body and make others think that I was not having a fit. I didn't know any dance steps and so I jumped. Ya, jumped like a kangaroo till I realised that being a spectator would be a better option for me.

Unfortunately I have failed to grasp the art of dancing despite trying my hand at it a few times(including the time I had to dance for the school play; that sob story is for another day) and so yesterday, I decided that I would create my own steps. Yes, steps that would astound and amaze, fascinate and inspire, yes, that was my plan. And I decided to implement that plan in the bathroom. You've heard of bathroom singers, I'm a bathroom dancer. Sometimes you get so involved in something that you forget to think. I was so involved with my plan that I forgot that in a bathroom there is water and in a bathroom there is a floor. You put both of them together- you have a deadly combo. I put my foot on the wet floor, slipped and fell, pretty painfully, on the toilet.

Sadly, I had to figure out that dancing was never going to be my cup of tea, the hard way- with a sprained leg and bruised arm.

P.S: And to all the sadists out there, the toilet seat was closed!

Friday, December 09, 2005

I scream because I ate Ice Cream : (

Today was technically the last working day of the twelfth standard for me and my classmates (we only have revision exams from now till that horrible month of March when we have to write the Bored Exams) and we made ice creams today in the Physics lab, well that was what we were hoping to do anyway. Making the ice cream was part of our Chemistry practicals (?) and if you did it properly you could earn as much as 10 marks. So we didn't want to mess up something as simple as making ice cream, did we? But mess up we did. Who knew that you had to add milk to make ice cream? We used two packets of custard powder, water and dairy milk 10 rupees chocolate and the end result was a very thick, grainy, semisolid yellow bleargh. I was especially disappointed because I had done a lot for the project (I had brought one kilo of sugar and I made sure that no one removed the ugly wet cloth that was kept on the ice cream machine to prevent the ice from melting) and after so much effort I will probably have a pretty severe stomach ache now :(

Nevertheless it was an interesting experience with tempers fraying, people fighting for a cup of ice cream and then spitting it out and some people putting salt on other people's ice cream (Who does stuff like that anyway??) I thought that school would end on a poignant note for me today (read line 1) but some idiot used the ice-cream machine and made some bleargh even worse than the previous bleargh and dumped it in my lunch box. So I had to clean that up and some of the bleargh fell on my uniform and I had to clean that's a long story which ended with me leaving school on a very grumpy note.

Well after today's experience I have new found respect for Baskin Robbins, Movenpick, and the like who, despite charging exorbitant amounts of money, at least give you ice cream that doesn’t taste like your own puke.

Saturday, December 03, 2005

Kanda Naal Mudhal-Movie Review

An old formula reworked to suit the modern audience- that’s what makes Kanda Naal Mudhal special. From the very first scene the movie makes the audience feel comfortable. You can always expect something funny to come up and the movie makes you actually sit back and relax. Well actually I couldn't sit back due to the incredibly horrible theatre I went to. The seats were pathetic with all the foam inside coming out (it reminded me of my Mangal Pandey experience). But the good part is that you get to see all sorts of wacky people in these kinds of theaters where dancing and jumping up and down is not frowned upon. If only the seats were good…

Well, KNM basically revolves around two people-Krishna (Prasanna) and Ramya (Laila) who have had a hate-hate relationship for the past 20 years. But sometimes there can be a very fine line between love and hate and Director Priya V exploits that fact in this movie. Karthik Kumar as Arvind plays the unintentional catalyst that brings Ramya and Krishna together. There is also a side-story with Ramya’s sister, a topic that hasn’t been touched so far in Tamil films. There are some really good performances in this movie but Prasanna really stands out. He plays his role to perfection and you'll love his comic timing. Laila gave a very good performance too as the hot-headed Ramya. I liked Karthik Kumar's characterisation and he did justice to his role. Yuvan Shankar Raja has done a good job with the BGMs which are not all jarring.

The KNM team has done everything right so far with some awesome publicity (the hoardings look amazing), great timing of the release but most importantly, they have made a movie that you can sit back (seats permitting!) and enjoy.

My Verdict: 6.5/10