Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Is it a year already?

Tuesday, November 08, 2004

Want Advice?
Don't ASK

Can u beat me in Yahoo Pool? I
DON'T THINK SO!!!!!!!!!! BRING IT ON!!!!

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This was the first post that I posted in this blog, exactly 365 days ago. The only reason I created this blog was to find out how my sister actually found it interesting to write stuff on a website and read about what other people thought about it. She had a livejournal account and so being the do-the-complete-opposite-of-what-your-sibling-does person that I was, I opted for blogger. I decided that I would challenge people to beat me at Yahoo Pool through my blog but I failed miserably in that attempt(who wouldn't with such a stupid post!). It was a while, about five months, before I really thought seriously about writing properly. I was inspired to write my first more-than-four-lines-post after watching two incredibly horrendous TV shows and since then I've been addicted to blogging, an addiction I don't mind at all. Blogging has helped me so much; it's made me much more self-confident and assertive and it's also helped me make new friends. I never thought that I would actually continue persisting with this blog for a whole year but amazingly I have. It's been so much fun writing and after what's been a pretty good year, I can finally wish my blog, "Happy Birthday!".

P.S: That Yahoo Pool challenge is still on ; )


Gaya said...

Brilliance, Happy Bday to ur blog!

Manasi Subramaniam said...

Oooh. I want treat.

Vishal said...

happy bday blog!!

Vishal said...

and ur on!!

Madhuri said...


Camphor said...

Happy B-logging!
Maybe when I am vetti again in a month, i'll take you up on that challenge.

Aditya said...

Happy Birthday blog!

By the way check out the offers that 'www.freewebs.com' has. You can create a normal site AND add a blog. See it. It's good. My site is now - www.freewebs.com/bigmuggle.


Siddhu said...

Happy bday man! :D

Kanishkaa said...

are you planning on an event commemorating the 1st anniversary,with a flash presentation and a speech from you on the podium holding back the tears?;-)
the first one I read was ur hilarious description of ur delhi trip and adding Kal Ho Na Ho to every context.I called my mom and asked her to read it.then ur proposed film 'That Damn Cola'.reminded me of Pink Pather crossing the road.
then abt Fourth Umpire- its trash..i agree.Charu is the only sane guy there.for all his gifts as a host,i think he is working for the wrong people.why did he quit Star?he and Harsha would've made a deadly pair.Oh did i forget Extraaaa Innings?cricket is better off without it.

Neon said...

Gaya, Madhuri, Camphor, Siddhu, Adithya, Vishal- THANKS!

Neon said...

Oooh. I want treat.

So do I.

Neon said...

Checked out your site and it looks really good. Nice job!

Neon said...

are you planning on an event commemorating the 1st anniversary,with a flash presentation and a speech from you on the podium holding back the tears?;-)
Umm, I don't know flash so it'll probably be powerpoint.

And thanks!

Leon said...

Congratulations!! Happy Birthday to your blog.. :-)

Btw, blogging has also helped you win a prize... ;-).. How do you want your 50$? You could wait until I come to India around March, or you could create a paypal account...

Leon said...

Also.. I'll take you up on your yahoo pool challenge.. what's ur yahoo id?