Saturday, November 12, 2005

Brace yourself!

This has been such an incredibly torrid week. I unfortunately had to put on braces because the Dentist spooked me out saying that all my teeth will start shaking when I'm 35 if I don't take some immediate action. See, when you think about this in the safety of your home, it really seems like something that would not happen. But when you're lying on that reclining chair in the Dentist's clinic (He spells it Clinik though, heh) with that small light on top of the attached arm of the chair flashing right at your eyes and you think about all the horrible things that will happen if your teeth start going 'It's the time to Disco!', you suddenly feel that wearing braces seems to be a very good idea. I also somehow forgot about my previous attempt at wearing braces when I fled from the Dentist's Clinic (this one was spelt Clinic, the traditional way) as soon as I had two of my teeth removed. So I gave the dentist the thumbs-up and wished him the best of luck for fixing my teeth. Sob!

First he plucked two more teeth and then placed a yucky green coloured bubble-gum mixture in my mouth so that he could take a mould of my teeth. It was a painful experience as I suddenly realised that with this green gum stuck in my mouth, I couldn't breathe as well as I normally do. It was scary because I wanted the dentist to remove it but he had his back turned towards me. Well anyway, I survived that, obviously, or else I wouldn't be writing this, will I? I guess things were going pretty smoothly till Monday when suddenly these ghastly ulcers popped into my mouth due to my allergic reaction with the anaesthetic injection. So my braces kept hitting against the ulcers and this resulted in a huge fight between the two and they still haven't resolved their issues.

I was in so much pain that I couldn't talk and I hate not talking. Whenever I tried to open my mouth, my ulcers would hurt and when I tried to laugh it would hurt more. Some insensitive classmates of mine thought it would be fun to make me laugh and then see me double up in pain. So much for sympathy. To add to my woes, I had my midterms this week and I couldn't study with the Crusades taking place in my mouth.

The Dentist says that my mouth will be back to normal in a few days and I can only hope that he's right.

P.S: What do you call an animal shaped like a tooth?

A molar bear.

(You can send in your slippers to The Fourth Umpire, Doordarshan Bhawan,Copurnicus Marg,New Delhi 110001- seriously, that's where I live).


Manasi Subramaniam said...

I sympathise. I get ulcers all the time. My dad shoves these B-Complex pills down my throat. But they never work. Sigh.

Vishal said...

hehe dentists aint me favourite.. neither are ulcers... i feel sorry fer u mate ... but i feel sad i wasnt there when ur classmates had that brill idea

Gaya said...

Poor you... ouch >.<

I get to go to the dentist later this week.. appointment has been long overdue, tis a huge snub since I told ya a lil while bak that I'd never have to go to one..bleargh.

Anonymous said...

*dazzling smile with teeth in perfect condition*
I hate fourth umpire too especially the different skanks who turn up......

Neon said...

I suggest you use this pill called tess, my ulcers took a hike thanks to it!

I'll have my revenge on them one day ):|

Neon said...

Well I wish you the best of luck and about the snub, it's happened to me lots of times too :)

Yeah, Fourth Umpire is in a class of its own. Have you seen that ad where Charu calls himself the 4th umpire and wears a pair of coolers, HILARIOUS!!!

Leon said...

I hate to gloat but I've never visited a dentist in my life... :D

Gaya said...

Heh, that's what I thought; your day will come :P..

Camphor said...

neon - heh, dont' worry. If he told you the treatment will take six-eight months (that's what mine told me) double the time he expects it to take. I've had my braces now for a year, and they will probably stay on for a couple more months. Only two more months,a nd I want them off NOW!

and *gloat* no tooth extraction for me!!