Sunday, November 27, 2005


Have you ever come across a game show that is so amazingly bleargh that you continue to watch it for the sole reason of ridiculing the contestants, the host and anything and everything that is associated with the show? Well I did-yesterday night. It was a show called Thanga Vaetai (Gold Hunt) and it was broadcast on Sun TV. It was hosted by Ramya Krishnan, once famous for playing a woman who stayed in her room for 20 years without having a bath. Yea, twenty years in the same nightie, and the movie ran for a 100 days. Talk about yuck, oh sorry, luck. Anyway the show was a pathetic one with two incredibly stupid teams competing for 200 grams of gold coins.

Each team had a small girl (maybe 11 or 12 years old) who was supposed to do the answering. The children would be helped by one of their team members who would give them clues using which they would have to find out the answer. Incredibly stupid rules, I thought, fearing what was going to happen next. The first question was, "Who wrote the National Anthem?". The first kid thought long and hard and came up with, "Mahatma Gandhi". Heh. The next question was "In which state was Anju Bobby George born?" The kid asked for a clue. Her mother told her that Cochin was a part of that state. The kid had a wonderful blank expression on her face. Ramya Krishnan, the host, told her that the people in that state spoke Malayalam. The kid was stumped. Maybe the kid was following that famous proverb, "It is better to shut up and let people think that you have an IQ of 0.073 than to open your mouth and remove all doubt". An ideal clue for that question would have been, "The answer begins with Ke, has the letters ra in the middle and ends with la." She did not know who invented the telephone despite being told that the inventor's last name was Bell and to end things on a positive note, to the question, "In which state in India, did an earthquake occur recently?" she answered 'Africa'. The other kid wasn't great either. She did not know Rajiv Gandhi's son's name inspite of her mother telling her that it was the first name of the Indian Cricket Captain, Dravid.

The show did not make sense to me. If you allow contestants to give clues that are actually part of the answer and you choose contestants who are not even able to figure that out, you're just making fools of the people who are participating and of the audience who are taking great efforts to sit through the idiotic show for half an hour.

Ahh yes, I was tagged by Hobbes and so here are the

Seven things I plan to do:
1. Finish reading, "The restaurant at the End of the Universe".
2. Get over my fear of dogs.
3. Learn to ride a motorbike.
4. Study for my boards.
5. Go to a good college.
6. Persist with my braces for a year.
7. And publish a book filled with utter nonsense so that it will become an International bestseller making me the richest man in the world.

Seven things I can do:
1. Sleep
2. Talk
3. SMS weird stuff
4. Climb stairs two steps at a time.
5. Blog
6. Watch an episode of Thanga Vaettai.
7. Exercise my right of free speech.

Seven things I can't do:
1. Exercise
2. Watch a 'Gaptain' movie.
3. Dance
4. Whistle in a theatre.
5. Stop talking.
6. Win at chess.
7. Understand the plots in Bold and the Beautiful.

P.S: Whoever wants to be tagged, SMS ‘tag’ to your cell number and consider yourself tagged. Anyone who SMSs me with the keyword ‘tag’ shall be sneezed on.

Monday, November 21, 2005

Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire - Movie Review

Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire was a good movie, but a tad bit disappointing when you compare it to its wonderful prequel, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. Converting a 636 page book into a two and a half hour movie was always going to be a difficult task and in his effort to fit almost all the events of the book into the movie, Director Mike Newell failed to bring out the nuances of some of the wonderful chapters in the book.

Sadly, we do not get a glimpse of the Bulgarians playing the Irish in the Quidditch World Cup as we are immediately taken to the attack of the Death eaters and the conjuring of the Death Mark. The first half of the movie was quite loose in its screenplay but the second half was brilliant. It was an incredibly absorbing hour post-interval and for me, the second half saved the movie. The Tri-Wizard tournament was beautiful and all the three tasks were a treat to watch. I would be very surprised if this movie does not win an Oscar for Best Special Effects. The graphics were out of this world, especially the entry of the Durmstrang ship.

The casting for this movie was excellent with Robert Pattinson as Cedric Diggory and Stanislav Ianevski as Viktor Krum doing great justice to their roles. Brendan Gleeson was awesome as Mad-Eye Moody but his eye looked too much like a table tennis ball. Oliver and James Phelps as the Weasley twins were a hit with the audience once again. Rupert Grint (Ron Weasley) and Emma Watson (Hermione Granger) had small roles but they did a decent job. Daniel Radcliffe (Harry Potter) was surprisingly good and did really well in the graveyard scene. The biggest let-down for me was Albus Dumbledore's (played by Michael Gambon) characterisation. JK Rowling, in the book, describes Dumbledore as an unflinching person even in the greatest of difficulties and also as someone who holds a commanding presence. He was anything but that in the movie. Ralph Fiennes as Voldemort-Perfect!

Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire- a good movie with few amazing scenes and some tremendously well done special effects, a definite must see if you’ve ever heard about ‘The Boy Who Lived’.

My Verdict: 6.5/10

Saturday, November 19, 2005

Anything's probable

Probability is such an interesting yet complex topic. I can figure out so many different things using probability like how much I'll probably get in my next Maths test (Heh, guess you don't need to know probability for that), the number of boundaries that Sachin Tendulkar may hit and of course, most importantly, the number of heads I'll get if I toss a coin 200 times. But the sad part is that I find probability tough. I don't know why, most people find it quite easy, but then it is probable that I am unlike others (and otters too). With so many confusing formulae including the one created by this really nerdy Swiss dude called Bernoulli (his name would sound awesome if you add the word noodles at the end. Just think about it, 'Bernoulli Noodles' - Ready to eat in nCx(p^x)q^(n-x) minutes). Plus this year I have to learn all sorts of new stuff like continuous random variables, cumulative distribution, Binomial distribution... the list is endless! I have to remember tons of weird terms and the only thing I realise after 'n' mind-boggling minutes (where n=1,2,3,4...) of trying out each sum is that the probability of me finding out the answer to the problem is ZERO. This can be quite disheartening because the question always seems so simple.

For example, 'If you put your hand into a pink cotton bag having 10 red balls, 13 white balls and 6 raccoons, what is the probability of you picking one red ball, two white balls and a raccoon three consecutive times without replacement ?". This problem seems so simple at first sight. But then I think about it, try out the various permutations and combinations and arrive at an answer so far away from the 'back-of-the-textbook-answer' that I can't help but look at the person behind me and copy the answer before the teacher comes to my desk. Probability is basically guessing what is going to happen in the future and I can safely guess that if I don't start working out the Probability problems in my textbook, my Maths marks are going to take a dip. So, from tomorrow, with the proverb, “Practice makes perfect” deeply entrenched in my mind, I am going to crack probability and figure out what the hell Bernoulli meant when he famously said, “Let X be a binomially distributed variable”.

Saturday, November 12, 2005

Brace yourself!

This has been such an incredibly torrid week. I unfortunately had to put on braces because the Dentist spooked me out saying that all my teeth will start shaking when I'm 35 if I don't take some immediate action. See, when you think about this in the safety of your home, it really seems like something that would not happen. But when you're lying on that reclining chair in the Dentist's clinic (He spells it Clinik though, heh) with that small light on top of the attached arm of the chair flashing right at your eyes and you think about all the horrible things that will happen if your teeth start going 'It's the time to Disco!', you suddenly feel that wearing braces seems to be a very good idea. I also somehow forgot about my previous attempt at wearing braces when I fled from the Dentist's Clinic (this one was spelt Clinic, the traditional way) as soon as I had two of my teeth removed. So I gave the dentist the thumbs-up and wished him the best of luck for fixing my teeth. Sob!

First he plucked two more teeth and then placed a yucky green coloured bubble-gum mixture in my mouth so that he could take a mould of my teeth. It was a painful experience as I suddenly realised that with this green gum stuck in my mouth, I couldn't breathe as well as I normally do. It was scary because I wanted the dentist to remove it but he had his back turned towards me. Well anyway, I survived that, obviously, or else I wouldn't be writing this, will I? I guess things were going pretty smoothly till Monday when suddenly these ghastly ulcers popped into my mouth due to my allergic reaction with the anaesthetic injection. So my braces kept hitting against the ulcers and this resulted in a huge fight between the two and they still haven't resolved their issues.

I was in so much pain that I couldn't talk and I hate not talking. Whenever I tried to open my mouth, my ulcers would hurt and when I tried to laugh it would hurt more. Some insensitive classmates of mine thought it would be fun to make me laugh and then see me double up in pain. So much for sympathy. To add to my woes, I had my midterms this week and I couldn't study with the Crusades taking place in my mouth.

The Dentist says that my mouth will be back to normal in a few days and I can only hope that he's right.

P.S: What do you call an animal shaped like a tooth?

A molar bear.

(You can send in your slippers to The Fourth Umpire, Doordarshan Bhawan,Copurnicus Marg,New Delhi 110001- seriously, that's where I live).

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Is it a year already?

Tuesday, November 08, 2004

Want Advice?
Don't ASK

Can u beat me in Yahoo Pool? I
DON'T THINK SO!!!!!!!!!! BRING IT ON!!!!

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9:56 AM 1 comments

This was the first post that I posted in this blog, exactly 365 days ago. The only reason I created this blog was to find out how my sister actually found it interesting to write stuff on a website and read about what other people thought about it. She had a livejournal account and so being the do-the-complete-opposite-of-what-your-sibling-does person that I was, I opted for blogger. I decided that I would challenge people to beat me at Yahoo Pool through my blog but I failed miserably in that attempt(who wouldn't with such a stupid post!). It was a while, about five months, before I really thought seriously about writing properly. I was inspired to write my first more-than-four-lines-post after watching two incredibly horrendous TV shows and since then I've been addicted to blogging, an addiction I don't mind at all. Blogging has helped me so much; it's made me much more self-confident and assertive and it's also helped me make new friends. I never thought that I would actually continue persisting with this blog for a whole year but amazingly I have. It's been so much fun writing and after what's been a pretty good year, I can finally wish my blog, "Happy Birthday!".

P.S: That Yahoo Pool challenge is still on ; )

Thursday, November 03, 2005

Majaa Movie Review

On Deepavali, I saw Majaa, first day first show. It was my 1st first day first show experience but sadly it was not that exciting. I was the only one even attempting to whistle at the Screen 5 theater in the Mayajaal Multiplex. One kid kept looking back angrily at me hoping that I would stop making pressure cooker noises. So I shut up and watched the movie silently :(

Majaa was a truly commercial film with fight sequences, fantasy songs, Gemini style hand signals and of course Vikram and Asin(the only two reasons why people will go to see the movie). This movie reminded me of some of the early eighties movies which come on Sun TV at 2'O clock everyday, masala flicks without logical storylines. I don't mind seeing masala flicks but this one isn't even good in that respect. The comedy is not great and the songs are incredibly mediocre. The fight sequences are good but that's all there is to this movie. Asin comes and goes in a Scoda Octavia without making much of an impact and I really hated her characterisation. Vikram does a good job as the thief/rowdy Madhi and he is well assisted by Pasupathi and Manivannan who act as his brother and father respectively. The main problem with this movie was the lack of a good storyline. It also had an abrupt ending with all the characters patching up and dancing on top of a mountain. Heh, that was a funny scene :) Overall, I feel it's worth giving this film a miss.

My Verdict: 4.5/10 (Watch it only if you are incredibly bored)