Sunday, October 09, 2005

Shaktimaaaaaan! Why fear when he and his glowing red costume are there!

I was so jobless the other day that I sat down in front my TV and saw Shaktimaan on POGO. Yes, Shaktimaan, the only superhero who doesn’t wear his underpants outside his costume. I think the episode I saw was the first ever Shaktimaan episode. I found out how Shaktimaan was born. He was an ordinary orphan boy who was given special “shakti” by this foreign saamiyar who lives on some planet very far away from the earth. You can go there only if you’re Shaktimaan, because he is the only person who has the power to summon a bubble that can withstand the forces of the universe yet remain beautifully transparent.

Fortunately I got to see some beautiful fight sequences between the foreign saamiyar and the evil guy (he is an absolutely revolting person with a green face but shows a wide range of emotions; he always looks like he wants to shit). They use their light sabers (and they say George Lucas invented those glowing sticks!) to fight but it looked more like a dandiya dance to me. Suddenly the foreign saamiyar’s stick flies away and the evil guy shows his evil grin. The saamiyar looks at him with quiet confidence (Who wouldn’t? The evil guy looks like he’s gonna pee any minute!). The evil guy blabbers something about how he doesn’t fight unfairly and asks the foreign saamiyar to go pick up his weapon. Yeah right, an evil guy with moral values! The stupid saamiyar believes the evil guy and goes over to pick up his weapon. The evil guy strikes him with his saber and the saamiyar disappears and only his dhoti is seen lying on the floor. That was a pretty tricky manoeuvre, I must admit, taking off your dhoti and dying at the same time. No wonder POGO advises its viewers not to try out these stunts at home. You have to have serious talent to pull out tricks like that! Now, the saamiyar is not completely dead because he continues to speak to the evil guy about how he has set a master plan to get rid of him. Now we are shown a close up of the evil guy trying desperately hard to shit but it seems like he has constipation. With that priceless expression put on freeze mode, the episode ends.

I just realized something. In this show, the tutor of the hero fights with a light saber, dies leaving his clothes behind, but still continues to help his student by providing shakti(powerful force)... Can you not see the similarities? George Lucas ripped off Shaktimaan!!!


Vishal said...

lol!!!. now i kno from whence lucas got the idea to leave obi wan's robes behind...LOL...;)

Gaya said...

LMAO! Brilliant post! Haven't ever been brave enough to sit through an entire episode.

Neon said...

Today's episode was a classic. It seems that it was a flashback episode(sis told me)showing all the previous shaktimaans. There was even a shaktimaan during the Mahabharata period!

I seriously suggest that you watch an episode. It really is an enlightening experience.

Manasi Subramaniam said...

My friend Pavithra says that Pogo ought to devote all its time to Batman and Shaktimaan, the two most dynamic shows. In fact, I remember some scandal a few years ago about a bunch of little kids who, inspired by Shaktimaan, jumped off a multi-storey building and died. The show was banned then. I cannot believe it's back on. (Ah, I feel old and wise, recounting such tales to you young chits.)

Splutters said...

Heck leave alone Lucas ripping Shaktimaan, what about Batman who ripped out Rajinikant's Dance moves?

Vishal said...

umm manasi ... i think ur forgetting we were also born at that pt of time... :P//