Thursday, September 22, 2005

Life rocks!!

Exams are over. I won't get my marks till the twelfth of October. I am leaving on a school camp to Kochi and Goa today. Could life get any better?

I was quite busy yesterday and today morning. Yesterday I had to do my packing and I hate to pack, the reason being-I don't know how to. I couldn't decide what to take and ended up putting everything into the suitcase. I spent half an hour looking for my favourite pant. I went through every closet, threw out every pant I had and I still couldn't find it. It was only after my mom pointed it out that I realised that I was wearing it (I didn't find it very funny then!!). Seems like a situation right out of that book "Three men in a boat" written by Jerome.K.Jerome. Well anywaay, today I had to go and invite schools to participate in our inter-school culturals. It was a tiring experience, especially finding the schools! Me and my friends spent four hours searching for some of the not-so-famous schools. We went looking for a school called Wesley using the directions one of our teachers gave us. We ended up in 'Saint Ebba's School for Women'. Heh. We also came across some priceless posters in some of the schools, like 'Always strive to speak in English' and of course 'Trespassers will not be allowed'. LOL! It was quite fun talking to the principals of the various schools especially one, who asked us all sorts of questions. We gave weird answers and ended up contradicting each other. She asked me,” Has it the school had got the order". I had no idea what she was talking about. So, I nodded. "The IMD agreed?” she asked. "Huh, ya, I guess" I said. "Very good!" she said. I smiled. "Ok, I will send my students to your culturals". "Oh, thanks a lot!!" I replied. The rest of the morning I stopped myself from giving foolish answers but I did call a male teacher 'Mam' (Well, he did smell like mallipoo (jasmine)!).

I won't be back from Goa until the first of October so unless there is a comp and an internet connection in the hotel I won't be able to post. Or I could write my next post in waterproof paper, drop it into the ocean, hope that a fish carries it to a technologically advanced fisherman who will put it on the net (No, not his fishing net, the internet!!!).


Vishal said...

hey !!
luky dogs. ull be in goa and we have exams . damn damn. anyway have fun in goa. see ya soon .

Aditya said...

i mainly liked ur last paragraph! it was funny!!!