Friday, September 30, 2005

I'm Back!

I'm back. After 9 gruelling days of train journeys and visits to countless beaches I'm back. It was an interesting and eventful camp though. I had fun but the stay in the Goan hotel (Old Anchor Resort) was nightmarish. Almost all of us fell sick due to the water the hotel supplied. It had so much chlorine in it that many of us had a sneaking suspicion that they recycled the swimming pool water and gave it to us!! The rooms were abysmal and the bathrooms were … well... you can’t call them bathrooms cos there wasn’t any water for us to take bath in or to wash our faces or to even flush the toilet. It was a complete contrast to the Cochin hotel. At Cochin, me and my room-mates had the smallest room but at least there was running water in the bathroom.

I enjoyed myself quite a bit in Cochin especially in Veega Land. Veega Land had awesome rides and I rode the Space Ranger (the ride in which you go upside down and stay there for 5 seconds though it seems a lot more than that) nine times. By the time we left the amusement park, I was in a daze and I could hear stuff only 5 seconds after the person had said it.

I cleaned up, or at least tried to clean up the coast in Cochin, went on a cruise and got to drive the ship for 25 seconds or so and did some other stuff too which I am presently unable to remember. Oh yes, I also went to the place where Vasco da Gama was buried. Surprisingly he was a pretty short guy, around 4’ 11” maybe. Well anyway, my mind being in the dazed state that it was started making up lousy jokes with Vasco’s name. Following this line are the jokes that yours truly came up with to annoy the hell out of his fellow passengers:

How does Vasco da Gama’s nephew call him?
Vasco da Mama

What do you call Vasco da Gama if he meets with a car accident?
Vasco da Coma

Which was the first animal to go around the world?
Vasco da Llama

Who was the first mythological character to go around the world?
Vasco da Rama

Who was the wife of Vasco da Gama?
Vasco di Gama

Non-Vasco jokes:

Which was the only historical event which involved a toilet?
The Battle of Waterloo

Why did the idiot run to the news stand?
So that he could catch the Indian Express

What would be the name of a movie if it was made by BSNL?
Ponniyin CellOne

If you have suffered any mental trauma after reading these jokes, I don’t blame you. Many of my teachers and classmates had threatened to kill me in the most painful ways when I had told them these jokes.

I shall post all the camp pictures in The Society blog in a few days. So check that out if you have nothing to do.

P.S: What do you call a short French guy who is shot by a Russian cannon ball?
Napolean Blownaparte

Hey! Who threw that shoe on me!!!


Vishal said...

omg brilliant collection vasco jokes. LOL!! and the ponniyin cellone is brilliant also !! amaazin how u come up with these things.

Manasi Subramaniam said...

Ah... and to think you didn't even end up getting drunk or married as you had assured us you would!! Did you at least get me the starfish I'd asked for? And btw... isn't the Blownapart joke something that Mad came up with during a very boring lecture on the French Revolution? Thou traitor!

Harish said...

u made me proud with those mokkais! :)

Neon said...

Thanks Vishal!

Ask Mad who her source was.

Then my job here is complete!

Gaya said...

Lol! Good ones :D Ugh, wish we were goin away one camp..

freespirit said...

i want my shoe bak

Neon said...


Kanishkaa said...

Well that counts me out as the shoe throwing suspect.Ponniyan Cellone had a couple of guys in splits here at work.Just where do you come up with these:-))

Recycled pool water?no way.u guys probably drank the real thing

Neon said...

No wonder my stomach's not in the greatest condition!

Navalha said...

what do you call a portuguese who passes trough your blog and sees this post? :)

Neon said...

Blessed. LOL! BTW how did u come across my blog?

Ajay said...

did my acg hit you??? nice jokes man :P.... 14 of us slept in the same room in our trip so... Urs musta been like a 5 star thing when compared with us :(

Neon said...

Thanks Ajay and ... 14!!!!