Saturday, August 13, 2005

I watched The Fallen, woe is me!

I went to see "The Fallen", which was a part of the Metro Plus Theater Festival, day before yesterday in the Sivagami Petachi auditorium. I had Chemistry tuition that day, so I cut the class hoping that that this rock opera would be more enjoyable. I was proved incredibly wrong. "The Fallen" was supposed to depict the long-winding and incredibly boring journey of a loser of a fellow, christened Adam, and his feelings about God, played by a Bharatanatyam dancer (I am not joking). It would have been a really good show if it hadn't been for the stupid storyline and the even more horrible lyrics. Some of the classic ones were,” Darkness engulfs me, like a great black sea/ Pain and Misery, woe is me, woe, woe woe is me”.
The dancers were brilliant to say the least and the musicians were pretty awesome. It seemed like Michael Muthu, the director cum scriptwriter, had written the lines for a play and not for a rock show. The actors had to somehow sing out words like "psychotropic substances". Then there was this pretty weird scene, right after the lead actor has had his intake of 'psychotropic substances', where there are these little hyperactive kids(were they on drugs too?) who bring out these slides and fake ice-creams and start jumping about while the protoganist moves around bumping into them smiling and singing. I was so shocked by the weirdness of this scene that I left the auditorium.

It was painful to watch this awful offering from the Boardwalkers as it was very unlike their previous play "The Bible Abridged" which was pretty enjoyable. The only thing that kept me awake was the complementary Red Bull and the Bru Malabar coffee(has 10% chickery) I had had before the show. I do not know what happens at the end,cos I left early, but I won't be surprised if the last lines of the 'The Fallen' went like this,

"Oh, Adam you have succumbed to evil enticements,
You have shown that you could not stand up to your inner reservations,
You bumped into tiny younglings,
You have an impenetrable heart locked by an iron key,
So come with me, the Almighty, the one who has no care for psychotropic substances,
And we shall sail into the New world, a world full of lavishness, opulence and sumptuousness,
For I am the saviour of all the cadaverous and withered beings,
So come with me Adam,…”

At this point, a disgruntled audience member shoots God. God shouts out, “Woe is me” and falls down. The audience rejoice.


Madhuri said...


Such a pity we left when we did, then. ;)

You bumped into tiny younglings


Gaya said...

LOL! The boardwalker's version of Hamlet was amusing though.

Kanishkaa said...

I saw Jesus Christ Superstar last yr(a rock musical).didnt click with i sat out of The Fallen..glad i missed it as it didnt get good reviews in metro plus.Hamlet by boardwalkers was their best so far.missed The Bible.

Vishal said...

thang god i didnt go for it. thanks mate my cousin was suggestin we go will make him read this .

freespirit said...

blargh..i stayed...i stayed cos i have this nice streak in me that doesnt let me walk out of plays that people have actually spent months preparin was one of the worst decisions in my life..woe woe woe was me..the only way they could have come up with such a horrific play was if ALL of them were on psychotropic substances themselves..highly depressing stuff from boardwalkers..considerin the fact that i've been to everyone of their plays and always came back glad that i went..n btw..u watched the Bible?? I loved it..i went on the last day and they made me act as one of the gorrillas on the ark..highly embarassin since bharath's bro n gf were sitting in the front row..but then..i guess in every life a little rain must fall