Thursday, August 25, 2005

Azhukkai Kaakha- Part 3

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Back to Koovam shore

Hero: So as you just saw, I had an enemy. An enemy who had a wonderful hairdo but that was not good enough. He didn’t have any brains, or so I thought…

6 days ago

Azhukku goes to all the toilets in Chennai and invites all the toilet cleaners for a conference. He walks all around Chennai, and his fellow toilet cleaners walk in a procession behind him. All this is shown in fast forward to give more effect. We have a monkey playing the drums. No, it does not have anything to do with the movie, we just wanted a Guinness Record. Azhukku reaches the stage which he has erected in the middle of Anna Flyover so that the people who do not have place to sit on the flyover can see him from the ground.

Hero: My dear friends, I have asked you all to come here because we toilet cleaners are in grave danger. A man called Potty-ya has challenged me saying that he will make all of you use Barpic instead of Harpick.

Crowd: No! Never!

Hero: We must all stand united against this evil force.

Crowd: We will!

Hero: Ok, that’s all. Bye.

Crowd: Hey!!! What about the free samosas you promised us?

Azhukku jumps off the flyover and reaches safe landing on top of a petrol bunk when he over-hears Potty-ya talking to Tigerbaam.

Villain: This Azhukku fellow is more determined than I thought. We have to stop him.

Apprentice: What do you plan to do?

Villain: I heard that Azhukku has a girlfriend called Aaya. We can kidnap her and use her as a pawn in my evil plan. How is my idea?

Apprentice: Brilliant boss! Hahahaha! Hahahaha!

Villain: What happened? Are you choking?

Apprentice: No. That was my evil laugh.

Villain: You are quite a dimwit.

Apprentice: Sorry Boss.

Azhukku hears all this in stunned silence. He realizes that his enemy will not play fair. So he decides to marry Aaya thinking that this might somehow save her. He mimes all this out to the audience, just for extra effect.

Azhukku goes to the public toilet where Aaya is busy cleaning along with her colleagues.

Heroine: Did you come to see me?

Hero: I don’t know anyone else here… You are in grave danger right now but I feel that you will be safe if you marry me.

Heroine: You’re pretty crazy! But I’ll marry you anyway.

Hero: Yay!!

The wedding is not shown due to budget constraints. A thali symbolizing marriage is shown instead. The happily married couple now go to an aluminium box on top of a tree to celebrate their marriage. They dance to a romantic song.

“Ondra renda toiletgal,
Ellam kazhuvavae oru naal podhuma”

Next morning

Potty-ya enters the aluminium box with Tigerbaam.

Villain: Do you remember what you are supposed to say?

Apprentice: You are under arrest!

Villain: No idiot!!

Apprentice: Sorry boss.

Villain: You are supposed to say ,” Buy Barpick- It’s a bar above the rest” and after that…

Apprentice: Hahahahaha

Villain: No no don’t start choking!

Apprentice: Sorry boss.

Villain: You are supposed to move over and I will make my grand entrance.

Apprentice: Okay boss.

Potty-ya and Tigerbaam enter the bedroom… sorry bathroom, where Azhukku and Aaya are cleaning the toilets.

Apprentice: Buy Barpick- It’s a bar above the rest.

Azhukku: It’s you again!

Villain: Azhukku.

Hero: Potty-ya.

Villain: Join my side and you shall survive.

“I will survive” music track is played in the background for extra buildup.

Hero: Never! I would rather flush myself!

Music mutes.

Azhukku moves back so that he can get a running start and jump on Potty-ya. What he doesn’t realize is that there is no wall behind him (budget constraints) and he falls off. The audience now see the first scene again.

To be continued... (I swear there's only one more part)


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