Monday, August 29, 2005

Azhukkai Kaakha - The Finale!!

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Back to the koovam shore

Hero: What is the hot substance that is falling on my head?

The audience is now shown a series of crows sitting on a tree. Azhukku immediately gets up and runs up to the aluminum box.

Apprentice: Buy Barpick- It’s a bar above the rest

Hero: ???

Apprentice: Buy Barpick- It’s a bar above the rest

Hero: I will buy Barpick if you take me to Potty-ya.

Apprentice: Okay.

Azhukku’s common sense had helped him once again. He really is a model toilet cleaner, isn’t he?

Potty-ya’s lair

Villain: Azhukku’s dead. Barpick sales will boom now!!! Hahahaha!

Apprentice: Hahahahaha

Villain: Who’s choking there? Reveal yourself.

Apprentice: It’s me boss.

Villain: Where were you, you knucklehead?

Apprentice: I was saying, “Buy Barpick- It’s a bar above the rest” in that aluminium box, just like you had asked me to. I even got you a customer!

Villain: Oh, did I hurt your feelings Tigerbaam? Where is that customer you were talking about?

Azhukku jumps over Tigerbaam and this is shown Matrix style (This is where all the money was spent).

Hero: Potty-ya! Where have you hidden Aaya?

Villain: Tigerbaam, you annoying mass of shit!!! Wait till I get my hands on you!!!

Apprentice: Sorry boss.

Hero: Where is Aaya?

Heroine: I am here (Jumps from behind Potty-ya, non-matrix style but Captain Vijaykanth style due to lack of funds).

Hero: Come to me, oh beautiful maiden.

Heroine: Azhukku you are a nice guy and all but I have decided to ditch you.

Hero: What? Why?

Heroine: Look there! (mouth hangs open).

Tigerbaam is standing in his colour changing underwear.

Heroine: Tigerbaam!!! Will you marry me?

Apprentice: Ok, I guess.

Aaya takes Tigerbaam’s hand and begins to walk out.

Hero: Aaya!!

Villain: Tigerbaam, you suck!

Apprentice: Sorry boss.

Potty-ya and Azhukku look at each other.

Hero: Potty, I think this could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

Azhukku and Potty-ya smile at each other and walk off into the sun-set.

A toilet seat closes symbolising ….

The End


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Aditya said...

Ah, end of a fine story! A happy ending!

You forgot to add "And everyone lived happily ever after!"

chowdary said...

hats off to ur imagination.i couldn't stop laughing.

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