Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Thoughts Of a Disgruntled Student

The second volume of books of the twelfth standard syllabus has arrived. I had not expected the book covers to be great and I was proved correct. The Maths textbook has a pink coloured cover with a circle in the middle. There are these weird lines inside the circle and all these cos and sin terms written on it. I have no idea what the figure is. It just looks sick.

If you have seen a government book before, you would have noticed a saying at the back. It is like a proverb of sorts. This year, the Maths Textbook contains the saying," Let us boil water and then drink it". Hear, hear! Never, ever forget to boil water. Now to the Chemistry textbook or shall we call it a pillow. It is a huge textbook which contains extractions, equations and of course rotten English. Dr.V.Balasubramaniam, the respected chairperson of the Syllabus Revision Committee says, in his own beautiful English "Sufficient reference books are suggested so as to enable the students to acquire more informations about the concept of chemistry." My reaction to this: "Poda loosu. Intha booka padikarthukuliyae naanga sethuduvon. Unmoonjikku vaera bookum kaekutha. Varaen dha. En chemistry booka vecchu un mandaila oru podu podaraen." For all those who didn’t understand what was written in the previous two lines, learn Tamil! The only advantage of having such a humongous book is that, I can put my head on it and have an undisturbed sleep in the afternoon during Chemistry class.

The Physics book has an incredibly weird cover. There is a test-tube sort of thing having a green liquid in the middle and it is mounted on a stand made with the use of the cheapest graphics around. The green liquid might be a baby Godzilla waiting to come out and kill the guy who took its picture.

The picture on the Physics textbook.

I seriously feel that The Tamil Nadu Textbook Corporation consists of a bunch of idiots. They have an incredibly idiotic slogan too: Learn Thoroughly. Yes, I will mug up the telephone directories you've given me and I'll vomit it all on your face.


Krishna said...

Hi Niyantha,

Came across ur blog from your sister's.

Enjoyed the tamil quote:p... Enzaaaai twelfth


Kanishkaa said...

Ha Ha!!Reminds me of the wierd books I used.My advice..shut your eyes,write ur exams and burn 'em!

Neon said...

Thats what I did in the tenth standard :)

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