Sunday, June 12, 2005

Lunch Woes

I have probably created a record of sorts. I have since the second standard taken the same food item to school for lunch. Everyday, without fail. I hated my lunch in the second standard and I hate it now in the twelfth standard. You would be wondering what this food item would be. It is an odd couple of sorts. I eat Chappati with Sambar. Yes, with sambar. No, really. Sambar!! For 10 years I have been eating the same thing during lunch break. I sit during the sixth period anxious for the bell to ring so that I can silence the growl coming from my stomach. The bell rings, I take out my Tupperware lunch carrier, open the zip, take out the box, put back the various safety pins which is used to hold the carrier bag and then finally I am ready for an afternoon fiesta, or so I think. I grudgingly look at the Chappati and its longlasting friend, sambar and sigh. I cry out that I am offering free lunch. My fellow classmates do not even bother to look at my lunch box. They have assured themselves that I will bring only chappati and sambar, so they don't even care. I realized that complaining about my lunch in school was not the answer. I told my grandmother that I wanted a change of lunch. She said that she would love to give me something else. "Well, what do you want then?" she asked me. I thought and I thought and I thought. Understanding my problem, my grandma gave me a menu of sorts.

"Do you want dosa?"
"No, it becomes very dry and cold", I said.
"How about poori?"
"No, its too oily"
"Fried rice?"
"Don't like the vegetables in it."
"Curd rice?"
"Hahaha. Yeah right! Why would I want to take my least favourite food to school. My friends won't eat it. How will I finish it?""Tomato rice?"
"Don't like tomatoes"
"Aloo paratha?"
"Some other day"
"Is too soggy"
"Chappatti and sambar?"
"OK. Fine"

So as you see, I have no choice. I am stuck with Chappatti and Sambar for the rest of my life. I have to find a substitue for that Tupperware bag though. It's almost in pieces. Or maybe I'll just stick some more safety pins.


mad said...

I feel your pain.

Anonymous said...

Changing the bag is the easy part - what are you going to do about the choice of food? You have identified the problem, now find a solution. Experiment with different foods and you will see you like to eat variety. Go ahead, I did and solved my problem long ago.

Kanishkaa said...

How about sandwiches?or a pizza maybe?anonymous is right.

Siddhu said...

May I suggest:

Chapati with a mix of boiled eggs, and shallow-fried onions and tomatoes, coriander leaves and masala and kadugu (whatever that is called in english). It's spicy, and even if you hate it, your friends should eat it up.

Mine did, when i was in school.

Now excuse me, I got to go grab something to eat! talkin abt food always gets me hungry. ;)

Siddhu said...

if you're veggie, ditch the eggs. :)

G.Ragavan said...

chpathi with scrambled egg will do....and a cup of curd.

Neon said...

I am a vegetarian. So eggs are out of the question!(:

Krishna said...


There are people who put up with sambaar saadham and 'curry' throughout school life~ dont fret, it gets better....

Best is do something else during lunch, eat your lunch on the move- that way you eat less, exercise more, and really dont care on what you eat:p!

Neon said...

Will definitely try that out!