Saturday, June 18, 2005

Cricket 2005 Review

The first review for Cricket 2005 has come out. It was reviewed by PS2 Magazine. The game has a few problem areas like the camera angles, fielding and the tough controls but has the potential to become a very addictive game.


Graphics – 07 – Decent mainly, but arse picture in picture
Sounds – 07 – Slightly repetitive, but some entertainment
Gameplay – 07 – Deep tactics, unresponsive controls
Lifespan – 07 – One match could easily last two hours
Overall – 7/10 – Cricket 2005 is not for casual, half hour sessions, its also sodding difficult. But persevere and you’ll find it’s a well judged simulation

For a full review, click here


Kanishkaa said...

Hey I saw the video clippings of BLC.Thank God the server behaved properly this time.The quality and resolution of the Real clip was ok but from what i saw, the game looks good.There was one over from a Aus v Canada match and another between Ind and Aus with the commentary.the fast bowler's approach to the wicket is a little slow and no big shots were glitch...the silly umpire!a well left delivery just outside the off stump and WIDE!"what was he thinking?the player names have been updated(Dhoni,Gambhir etc are there).

Neon said...

Gambhir is there in the one day team. A glitch! Commentary seems to be the same as usual. I want someone else for a change. Maybe Ravi Shastri or David Gover(who was there for C'02).

Kanishkaa said...

hey sorry!that demo was for cricket 2005 (EA) and not BLC.i searched all round but couldnt find the video link to points me to cricket 2005 all the time and is getting really irritating.have u seen it yet?do tell me where i can find it...the ODI betw eng and NZ.
the reviews for 2005 dont look encouraging..esp the batting controls.