Friday, June 10, 2005

Codemasters vs EA Sports!!!

Finally something to cheer about for Cricket gaming freaks like me!!! Both Codemasters' Brian Lara International Cricket and EA Sports' Cricket 2005 are coming out in July. This means that EA Sports has to come up with a better offering this time due to the tough competition. Cricket 2004 was pretty pathetic what with its numerous bugs and shoddy gameplay. One can only hope that EA has learnt its lesson. Both EA and Codemasters have released demo videos showing an over or two of play. EA's video is not great. I have not seen the BLIC video yet due to my bandwith limitations but you can see both of them by going to for Brian Lara Cricket and for Cricket 2005.

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Kanishkaa said...

Hooray!Its finally here.I have BLC old version and i cant wait to get my hands on this one.those players are so outdated in the old one. the features seem exiting.I went to those 2 links but couldnt see the gameplay videos.that infuriating Cannot Find Server kept popping up!i managed to see only the promos.quite good.have to try again today.wish me luck!!
Cricket 2005 doesnt interst me anymore.Cricket 97 ATE is the best.i still have it and a lot of us still swear by it.5 yrs back a group of us got together to play Cricket WC 99.It drove us insane.Jesus 25 was a deadly score(in a 15 over match!).recently i went to reliance web world to play cricket 1st over went for 31 runs:-(.throw in a few no balls 77 run over record wouldve got broken).
Codemasters is better.I think they have the custom team option so u can create ur own team.
will let u know if i can see the videos