Sunday, May 08, 2005

The SAT and what it has done to me! And a special feature: What is life?

I took my first major step towards foreign education when I wrote the 'New' SAT on Saturday. I have no idea what score I will get. When I wrote the SAT practice tests and hoped for a good score I was disappointed. The opposite happened when I expected a poor score. I am expecting a poor score for the actual test but then that would have to be a good sign. My involvement with this SAT test( no wait its just SAT or else it would be Scholastic Aptitude Test test and that would be wrong.... well whatever) has made me analyze every story book I read. Like yesterday, before going to sleep I read a book on Cricket and my first thoughts were, "Is the author mildy critical or is he exhibiting reasoned opposition or optimistic fervour...". I have forgotten how to enjoy reading books. Thanks to this annoying exam. The sad thing is I have to write it again if I don't get a good score. Well life ain't a bed of roses as some idiot once said. Life ain't full of thorns either. Wait a minute. Thats it. I have got the best example to explain life. I don't think anyone has ever come up with something so insightful.
Life is like an ant climbing a rose plant. The ant has to move carefully and skillfully avoiding the thorns on the stem and finally it reaches the pinnacle of glory, i.e, the rose petal. Just when the ant thinks that it is the king or queen of the world, a butterfly comes and sits on it. That is life. Someone always squashes you. And that is how we get jam.


G.Ragavan said...

hmmmm....u r reading more. keep it up. and ur reading so much or ur age, I feel. doenst matter. thatz how i started. but in tamil. but now reading both tamil and english.

and u look very cute even the pillow covers u.

i advice u to study well too. I hope u must be doing that already. your sentences are also not like a sixteen years old kid. it is very matured and good. I wish you'll write a book soon. keep it up.

Neon said...

Thanks gr! Me too suttha tamil!!

Anonymous said...
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