Friday, May 20, 2005

" I have come here for better education"

Ahh, I am in the 12th standard now and I am not enjoying my school life one bit. I have to sit through special classes during the holidays and come back home and study for the tests (yes already) that the teachers keep every day. You would think that everybody in my class would feel the same way I do. Interestingly ,no. There is this one guy in my class, a newcomer, who relishes studying. He claims that he came to our school in the pursuit of better education!? . Why would he do that? Seems absurd to me. Well anyway, he is not the greatest when it comes to speaking English and that makes him an easy target to tease. I don’t tease him, why would I? I just tend to talk to him in a confusing manner. The other day I asked him if his favourite channel is Asianet (he is from Kerala and I wanted a starter for a conversation) and he said that he does not have cable. “Hmm, he doesn’t have cable”, I thought. “Do you have a TV?” was my next question. “Nooo” was his extremely cheerful answer. “I have come here to study. Why do I need a TV?” he asked me. I told him that having a TV was something a normal human being would consider. He just smiled at me and I knew that I had lost my argument. How can you argue with someone who has such an annoying smile? The other day, one of my classmates asked him his opinion on girls. “Chha (Eww)” was his quick reply. Too talkative was his reason. During Chemistry class yesterday I asked him “What did the Maths book say to the Chemistry book?”. He didn’t know the answer. “I have many problems” I said and started laughing. He didn’t think that was funny and told me that if I kept interrupting his concentration I would have problems to face. And we left it at that.

Monday’s Schedule:
Chemistry Class: Ask him his views about the impact of sodium peroxide on human civilization.
Physics Class: Tell him that I am the ghost of Isaac Newton.
Maths Class: Ask him if he feels that Maths is necessary for life and to write an essay to illustrate his point. Tell him another Math book joke.


Anonymous said...

is that friend of urs smarter then u .

Neon said...

The incredibly surprising thing is that he is not. I have a feeling that he is a spy trying to find out secrets about the Tamil Nau govenment. This guy is pretty weak when it comes to studying.

G.Ragavan said...

//he is a spy trying to find out secrets about the Tamil Nau govenment//
neon...........what sense of humor and sarcasm..i enjoyed it :-)))))))

themonk said...

hey neon u never told them his name!

be careful he ll probably beat u up one day for 'sexual harassment' or something

Neon said...

I could handle him with my eyes closed, my hands tied behind my back and my legs tied to a chair. I can pulverise him with speech. Talk to him about globalisation and he won't know what hit him.

freespirit said...

woah..behold the power of speech..n yea..hes gonna charge all the girls in class wit 'sexual harassment' soon enough