Monday, May 16, 2005

I can't understand anything!!!

" I cannot understand anything " were the words oft repeated by Carol (Manasi Subramaniam) in the play 'Oleanna' staged in the Sivagami Petachi Auditorium by Masquerade, the drama group. To be honest the same words were echoing through my head as I sat for two hours in row-G of the auditorium wearing my Cricket track pants and suffering a mighty itch. Well, the play deals about sexual harassment. John (Krishnakumar) is a professor who talks a lot and makes very little sense. Carol is from a middle class household and has trouble understanding her professor in class (who wouldn't). She goes to him after class hours to demystify the book he has given the class to read. He infuriates her so much that she starts to cry and he places his hand on her shoulder and she accuses him of sexual harassment and he is given the boot by the School tenure commitee. That is the play in a nut shell. It makes us wonder (or atleast tries to) who the victim in the play was. Honestly, I don't care. Both the characters are idiots. I have bigger problems like how to get rid of that mighty itch.


Mad said...

:D Heeheehee. Yeah, that was one complicated play. But you didn't say anything about my utterly brilliant two-minute histrionic performance. For shame.


Neon said...

Histrionic? Something Prof. John might say. My reply:"I can't understand, I can't".

mad said...

-Of or relating to actors or acting.
-Excessively dramatic or emotional; affected.

Some people from the workshop who came for the play sat through the whole thing not knowing what 'tenure' meant. Heh.

mad said...

And Niyantha-

Talcum powder is your friend.

G.Ragavan said...

and preferably a bath before that

Siddhu said...

Lol! Sounds like a really pseudo play. :)

For the itch, I strongly recommend Abzorb :D. lOl

Nice post.

Neon said...

Thanks siddhu. But I used some himalaya stuff to get rid of that itch.

Kanishkaa said...

- of not being able to understand
- confused state of mind

Pinburton's Classic Itch Powder is known to work wonders!