Monday, May 30, 2005

How do you pronounce Midas?

I always believed that you pronounce Midas as My-dus. But some people tend to pronounce it as Meidas. I don't know why cos it sounds really stupid. Well I was thinking about this after reading the incredibly stupid script I had written about Mydus for English class. I have reproduced the script below for your reading pleasure.

Key: M-Midas; B- Supposed to be the genie guy, I don't remember his name, so let's call him Bourbon; D-Daughter; S-Servant;

Many many years ago, there was this king Midas who lived in Greece. We are going to take you back (hopefully!) to the days of Midas and show you what a greedy pig he was.
B-You have pleased me, Midas. You did a great job in cleaning my toe nails. I have to leave now. Chinki Pinki will be waiting.
M-Your fifth wife?
B-No, fifteenth. I have a few wishes to give away, bought them on Baazee. Do you want one?
M-Sure. Give me a wish so that whatever I touch turns gold.
B leaves.
M-Aha, I am now the richest guy in Greece!
M touches the table. It turns into gold. Touches the window. It too becomes gold.
M-Cool! Tinky Winky, bring me some food.
S-Sire, this is some dish called pizza that the King of Italy sent as a gift.
M-(touches it) Oh! It turned to gold! What am I supposed to do? I am sooo hungry.
M sits in the chair and goes to sleep. When he gets up he see his daughter.
D-Dad, I beat Dipsy in arm wrestling. I bet I can beat you too.
M-No one can beat me.
They arm wrestle. D turns to gold.
M-Oh my God! She's a golden girl. B I need you.
B-Whassup Midas?
M-I dont want my wish. Take it away, please, take it away.
B-I thought this would happen. I'll take away your wish on one condition.
M-Whats that?
B-Clean my toe nails.

I bet no one can figure out the TV show in which Tinky Winky and Dipsy come in. If you do know, then please tell me cos I've forgotten the name of the show.


mad said...

You just want me to admit I watch the Teletubbies, don't you?

Anonymous said...

the teletubbies do haha i cant believe i remember that!

Anonymous said...

Interesting you should ask about the pronunciation. My husband and I just recently named our child's middle name Leonidas. When we went for a pediatric visit, our doctor asked if either of us was Greek. Her husband was Greek and they had plans to name their son Leonidas. However, she pronounced it LeonEEdas, while we'd been pronouncing it LeonEYEdas like the movie "300." I figured since she's actually Greek and a physician, she might know more than we did even though, we figured that with a movie with a big budget, they would've been able to investigate how to pronounce the name correctly. However, I found an article from an expert they consulted with the pronunciation who preferred LeonEEdas, but the directors didn't choose to go with it. Additionally I found that the "-das" would have really been a "-thas" according to the Hellenic pronunciation, but the Anglican version would be the former. Anywho, I suspect these same ideas would apply to Midas as Herodotus was who wrote on both Leonidas and Midas, which is why you've heard it pronounce MEEdas and in fact would be more accurately pronounced MEEthas.

Anonymous said...

Thank you. That actually helped me. I always said Meedas so now I know I'm right.