Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Sachein-A lackluster afternoon; Mumbai Express- A hilarious evening.

I was pretty bummed that I hadn't seen any of the Tamil New Year movie releases. So I rectified this problem by seeing two of the big three back to back. I saw Sachein in the afternoon and Mumbai Express in the evening. This is my take on the 2 movies I saw.

In this movie Vijay acts as a college student named Sachein. We do not know wheter he is a first year college student or second year or even if he is a post-graduate student(it seems unlikely!). Nothing is mentioned. It looks like he is entering this college for the first time but then I don't think that you can join college in the middle of the college year. There are plenty of glaring plot holes in this movie. The director does not give us any details about the setting of the story. We can only assume that the college is situated in a hill station due the huge amount of smoke released from the smoke machine in each scene. It was quite funny when I saw smoke in the middle of an airport scene. Well the storyline isn't that great. It talks about how Sachein falls in love with Shalini (Genelia) but she refuses to accept that she is in love with him due to her incredibly huge ego. So the story meanders along at a slow pace and we reach the inevitable ending. Genelia has done a decent job as Shalini. Vijay is improving by leaps and bounds was very impressive in this movie. Vadivelu who acts a college student who has failed nine years in a row is not given a big role. The comedy in this movie is not great. The songs are the saving grace for the film. This film is peppered with foot tapping numbers. The music director, Devi Sree Prasad has done a good job.
See this movie if you are a Vijay fan, otherwise it a waste of time due to the lack of a proper storyline.Wait a minute, did I forget about Bipasha Basu? Well, who cares, she doesn't do anything in the movie anyway.

My Rating: 5/10

Mumbai Express:
This is a riotously funny movie. Kamal Haasan has done a great job with the dialogue. He is amazing as the hard of hearing Avinashi aka Mumbai Express. The story revolves around the kidnap of the wrong boy. Pasupathi and Vaiyapuri are very funny as the kidnappers. The highlight of the movie has to be the Vande Mataram song. Kamal keeps you laughing throughout the movie. A confusing chain of events take place but Kamal has connected the events so incredibly well. The ending was bit of a downer but I think that was because the theatre cut out the final scenes. I do not want to give any spoilers for this movie beacuse you have to see it. Kamal Haasan proves yet again that he is the best Tamil actor of modern times.

My Rating- 6.0/10


Anonymous said...

excellent and unbiased reviews. I wish most of the reviews were like this. Keep up your writing.

G.Ragavan said...

cool dude.. u cud watch both the movies. here in bangalore only two of them were released....obviously chandramukhi and mumbai express......cudnt see mumbai express with time crunch and hectic schedule. sachin....it came later...but didnt stay for long.

and dude...harry potter and LOTR are my favourites too :-)