Saturday, April 09, 2005

The Indian Team is a joke and I'm not happy saying that.

I know that I had written in my previous post that the Indian team was awesome. I know that I had praised their batting. The score is 90/6 right now. Not exactly top notch stuff from our great batsmen. I am a diehard fan of the Indian Cricket team. I used to support them in 2000 when they used to win nothing. I used to support them in 2003 when they used to win everything. I don't know whether I can go on supporting them. It is mentally taxing. It is 90/6 right now. Need I say any more. If it was unplayable bowling I can accept this pathetic score. But it isn't. The pitch is a batsman's paradise. I don't think I have an excuse for them. I normally do. Sachin, Ganguly, Yuvraj, Kaif, Irfan are out of form. Terribly out of form. So out of form, Geoffrey Boycott's mum can play better than them and this time the statement can actually be true. I have been recieving sms's ridiculing our team. I have lost the will to support our cricketers.

Here are some of the jokes I recieved about the Indian Cricket team:
1. Best Batsmen + Good Bowlers - win= Indian Cricket team.
2.Proverb of the day- India indha match out, Ganguly adutha match doubt.
3.Sourav Ganguly's favourite movie- Gone in 60 seconds
4. Steps to make Maggi 2 minute noodles-
1.Boil one cup of water
2.As soon as Ganguly goes for batting put the noodles in hot water and add the taste powder.
3.Stir till Ganguly is on the fiels.
4.As soon as Ganguly is back in the pavilion, your noodles are ready.

I hate criticizing the Indian Cricketers but the sight of them dancing with Amitabh Bachan and Priety Zinta to the tune of Oye Bubbly really took me to the edge of my patience. They are not even good dancers. Ganguly can't even lipsync in the Tata Indicom commercial. And we are going to lose today's match. I hope that just to spite me Kaif and the tail put on a respectable total for the Cricket team. Hope!!!

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Shadow said...

Dude You forgot ...
Irfan is soo busy runnin behind cartoon characters that he forgot how a cricket ball looks...That guy SUCKS BIGTIME...
include that if you mock the cricket team again in your post