Monday, February 28, 2005

January 10 2005-Monday !!!!

No one is going to believe what I saw today. My PT teachers were pretty bored and so they called this fourth standard kid and started testing his unique ability. If you tell him a date he will tell you the day. It was amazing. This kid took probably three seconds to calculate everything in his head and tell the answer. The PT teachers asked him date after date after date and he was right every time. Soon he got bored. But they didn't. They kept asking him and he kept answering them. For a moment I thought that I had cracked his trick. I thought that if you add all the numbers like in 10.1.2005, 10+1+2+5=18=1+8=9. There are seven days in a week and so it would be a tuesday. Sadly I was wrong. I had to evacuate the area immediately since the PT masters did not appreciate me questioning the kid's intelligence. Well whatever. Pretty interesting day,huh.


Anonymous said...

update your blog, Sir Neon.

Neon said...

you know, i was born 16 years ago. Just wanted to let u know

Anonymous said...

I know. I was there. :P