Saturday, November 20, 2004

Wasting My Time

I have a 40 page physics test tomorrow and I'm wasting my time using my sister's laptop.
Closing comment: I hate Isaac Newton


Lavanya said...

Yevery Acson Ass Ekooal and Oppojit Reacson.

Childrens! Shtaap Taaalkking Aye say!

Remind me to tell you about my 9th shtandard feesics teacher sometime.

Shes one of the prime reasons I didnt take Comp Sc. when they gave me that group in my 10th.

I said Podi Venna and walked off.

Like I said, remind me to tell you about her.

Varsha said...

why is your mind clogged with pool?

Too much chlorine I say

Ippova poyi bathtub kulla mandaya vudu

Clennnliiness iss a must for deesseeeeeeepline.

I know you know that i know, you know ?